Crocs: Trendy or Nah?


Northwest student wearing Crocs on Wednesday, November 13.

Marwa Barakat, Editor-In-Chief

Recently, Crocs™ have come back on the radar. After years of people thinking the basic Crocs were outdated and out of style, they are back and more expensive than ever. For a lot of people, Crocs are now trendy and cool. 

But, why? Is it the holes? Is it the rubber texture? Is it because they are multipurpose? No one really knows. 

The holes can let dirt in. The rubber can rip. They are insufficient for athletic activity. And they are unreasonably priced. The average Croc costs $44.99. Northwest health technician says, “There’s no real support because they have no arch.” 

Why would anyone pay almost $45 for a sole-less rubber slipper? 

They have no shape, no support, and yet, people wear them daily, even when they don’t match their outfits. Additionally, Lois Chia, a leader of the Northwest fashion club adds, “I think they’re ugly, and it’s kinda weird how all of a sudden they’re really popular, but when we were younger, people made fun of you.”

They are extremely casual, so don’t wear them with nice clothes.

Actually, don’t wear them at all. 

Don’t buy them at all. 

Invest your money in better quality and more stylish shoes.

Verdict: Crocs are not trendy.