DMV Music Scene

Joseph Mutamba

In Germantown there are a number of young singers, rappers, and bands in the area. You have probably seen a jazz band perform at the Rio or solo artists at the black rock center during the summer. But there’s a whole other landscape of musicians in the area i interviewed the guitarist of 11/24. An up and coming band that formed in Germantown.

He’s been performing backyard concerts for parties and done acoustic sessions at open mics at restaurants. “I know a lot of Musicians  in the Germantown area that influence me and we influence each other, we played a backyard concert with a band called Only Ok and they have a unique style of performing live.  They are like 21 pilots except the drummer sings whilst playing. I don’t know many people who does that but he pulls it off very well.” I asked him his opinion about the music scene in Germantown. He replied “The music scene in Germantown is good but it’s not great. There isn’t a lot of ways a musician can get a lot of exposure here in Germantown compared to the other places like L.A or New York. D.C though is the best place to play live but the place is also oversaturated with musicians looking for their big break.”

“ The only way for musicians to get a chance at playing live here in Germantown is if they set up their own shows just like they did in the 90s. Set up posters around the area advertise through social media and tell your friends to bring their hot friends to your shows I feel like that’s one way of starting our own DMV music scene.”