Women’s soccer in the Summer Election

Sydney Glad

During the summer Olympics, athletes from all over the globe traveled to Rio and participate in the games. A specific group of women deserve recognition for their efforts and their tough competition with an unexpected result. The US women’s team had a strong year and had previously won the women’s world cup.  Everyone who couldn’t be there to attend could watch it either on TV or hear it on the radio to know the results.

The US women’s soccer team had come into the games confident in their abilities and team.  The competition was expected to be fierce and a new challenge for the team. Their first match was tough, playing Olympics rival, the Netherlands, but resulted in their 2-0 victory. One was occurred in the 9th minute by Carli Lloyd and the second in the 45th by Alex Morgan. Their next game was between France and appeared to be a tougher rival. Both teams struggled to get a score, but the US team had just enough luck to score in the 63rd minute by Carli Lloyd. Their next game showed in each round, the competition was better and harder. They played Spain and luckily tied 2-2 even though the US were disappointed, they were glad to have 2 wins and only one tie on their. Unfortunately, the US’ final game occurred as they played Sweden and lost in overtime 4-3. The ladies did a spectacular job in the tournament and proved their country proud. By far Sweden served to be their toughest competition and only fuels for their anticipation for next year.

The Summer Olympics serves to entertain its viewers and bring the world together as we all watch sports and relax. Women’s soccer is built up of 12 teams that work hard all year round to prove their talents and definitely deserves recognition for their work to pay off and earn attention.