What Football Teaches Kids

Sam Pagella

Football is a game where it takes up a majority of your high school or potential college lives. Its almost like a second job to people. It is the most physical sport to play at any education level besides rugby. Football consists of having practice 6 days a week while in season for about 2 hours. It goes from August- December if you’re lucky. Then after those months players will train in what is called the öff season”to get there body into complete shape and because of this football can seem to as a full year sport.

During the practices and games football teaches everyone who plays mental toughness, and discipline and if you don’t have those two things your team will not be successful. Football teams that possess those two things are often the ones most successful. That is why any coach you ask those two traits are the most important. It teaches mental toughness from the amount of hard work practice is and in a game, people don’t lose their heads and become unfocused. People learn Discipline from listening to the coaches and doing everything they say and doing their jobs in the game. When people end their football careers they often tell people that football shaped the way they are today.

Football is life to some people and it’s because of the intensity and passion the game brings to people. Mental toughness and discipline help people out so much in life to stay out of trouble or to complete an assignment. Football is what gives people their mindset and helps them through life.