Simone Biles

Hassti Hamidi

The summer Olympics are a special time for everyone, talented athletes all over the globe join together to compete in the games and represent their country in the best way. One of the most watched and most popular sport is gymnastics.

One of these gymnasts in particular stood out more than the rest and that was Simone Biles (19) of the USA. Simone was an extraordinary athlete and it wasn’t difficult to see she was easily one of the best. Though she claims she started gymnastics at a late age and wasn’t very good from the start she is now the best gymnast is the whole world, with 4 gold medals and 1 bronze medal from the Rio Olympics. She credits all her accomplishments to her supporting parents and her “phenomenal” coach, Amiee Boorman for her extreme success yet none could have been accomplished without her drive and dedication to the sport as well. The world watched in awe as she perfected her outstanding final floor routine and won the all around best gymnast.

This 4’9 superstar was able to show the world that anything is possible with hard work. The adored athlete was able to represent her country with pride and came home knowing she made world history.