Maryland Olympians

Sebastian Chang

Maryland has been able to produce top line athletes. Athletes that make high tier colleges and universities because of their athletic skill is higher than any other. As I applaud the state in producing top of the line athletes, I also applaud the athletes themselves, for proving themselves and giving Maryland the reputation it has. Maryland has also created programs that provide these kids with the opportunity to become an amazing athlete. Maryland is known for their ability to produce swimmers. Two perfect examples would be Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky, both of which have multiple gold medals. Not only can Maryland can produce good athletes, they are the state with the highest amount of olympic team qualifiers. Some information has shown that Maryland would have been ranked third at the Olympic games if it were to have been a lone country. This proves that even though Maryland is very small in comparison to its sistering states, it can still stand on top as the top producer of Olympic Athletes.