Jag and Cougar Showdown

Keemia Arshadi

The two big rival schools are finally going against each other for football on October 14, 2016. The student section is slowly getting full and very loud. Cheering for their schools to win and waiting for the players to come out. The players are finally coming out and as we are singing the national anther, our entire student section yells “AND THE HOME OF THE JAGS,” Showing our school pride to our rivals. Quince Orchard was taking the lead before half time and the Northwest Jaguars were very nervous to see where things go. As halftime was in action the QO and NW students came together in one area to socialize and take some pictures. Once the second half started, Northwest was in the lead, which made the student section very pumped and  created many more enthusiastic chants! QO was slowly getting very close to getting many touchdowns but Northwest’s defense was prepared to tackle. Sadly, QO made the last touchdown which made them win the final score. Northwest students were very mad and showed no emotion after the game ended. Although we lost, Northwest still has a lot of pride and still supports our football team.