Baseball: What’s to Come?

Michael Yuille

With the disappointing loss to Kennedy High School in the first round of playoffs last year,  the Northwest baseball team has found the inner fire they have been looking for. With a team full of talent, Northwest has been looked at as possible states contenders for the past two years. But after rolling over against Kennedy last year they have lost some trailers, which is a hidden gem to this team. With past experience this team has played under tremendous amount of pressure and have not turned out as well as possible. With less pressure to perform, this team can get back on the train to success and relaxation. While doing a group interview with the team, it was very evident that relaxation and smiles is the major keep to this team. They need to be their own leaders and be the ones who motivate each other with no outside force. The past two fall seasons, this team has brought back two championships in league play and a dominating championship performance in tournament play. The team has not changed since last year other than the loss of Ben Teachum, which will be filled well with the depth of this team. If this comes together and doesn’t let anything stop them and carries over from the fall, there seems to be no reason for failure.

After asking Mac Adelman what he thinks is essential to this team, he had little thought as to what that answer was, “Relaxation, we need to be calm and do what we know, we have played baseball our whole life and know what makes use successful.”

This team has been looking for what they need and they have found it over this past fall, realizing that tension only makes things worse, they have resorted to relaxation and it resulted in a nearly perfect fall season.

“As I said last year, this is one of the most talented teams we have had at Northwest but know they are a year older and many players have developed, it will be exciting to see what comes this year” Head Coach Varesco said

Looking forward, the spring the team will be doing winter workouts and other activities to help become a states-caliber team and join the hunt for the ring.