Proven Life Hacks for Improving Your Grades

How to maintain good grades

Proven Life Hacks for Improving Your Grades

Lois Chia, Reporter

Don’t go into the holiday break bummed about your grades.  You don’t have to be a perfect student to be proud of what you can accomplish in a semester.  I was able to improve my grade point average (GPA) by a quarter of a letter grade by doing these simple things:

  • Write down your homework/upcoming tests and projects in an agenda book
  • When doing homework or studying keep a tiny snack and a drink around
  • Put on some background music or put on a TV show you don’t really need to watch.  Knowing you have a simple way to take a break makes studying less depressing
  • When writing notes to study, use colorful pen and write in different fonts to keep you interested in what you’re writing
  • Commit yourself to 40 minute blocks of study time
  • Eat well and get enough sleep
  • Plan projects ahead of time
  • Try to knock out all of your homework before you relax.
  • Don’t skip classes, and even if you do miss class, go to the teacher and make sure to catch up on all missing work
  • Keep your books, folders, and your whole backpack organized so you can easily find assignments.

Remember, even if you are not doing well in school right now, that doesn’t mean that can’t turn it around.   Just take it one day at a time and try to put more effort into your work. Just a little effort can go a long way and make a huge difference. Also, if you feel like you can’t do all of these things try them one by one.  It will start to become part of your routine and lead to you maintaining good grades.