Did someone say scrunchies?

Lois Chia, Reporter

The Northwest Fashion Club is having a scrunchie fundraiser!

Support the fashion club in Northwest HS by buying their scrunchies. There are many different colors and sizes. To order your scrunchie(s) you can go to Ms. Jackson, in her room 306A during lunch to talk to one of the leaders. You can also see any member of the fashion club to order one. The fundraiser will be until the 14th of November you can get your scrunchie(s) til then. Order a srunchie(s) and get your order the next day in your 1st period!

If want to contact the northwest fashion club you can contact the leaders Lois Chia at [email protected], Cheldon at [email protected], and Akosua Omari [email protected] or go to their instagram  https://www.instagram.com/nwfashionclub/

Remember, “don’t think, buy!” But are you really still reading this article, LETS GO BUY A SCRUNCHIE!