Northwest students get excited about fundraising for prom


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Northwest students celebrating at prom 2022

Andrew Volat, Reporter

At the conclusion of an exhausting track practice, Northwest senior Gage Osborne exited the school and hopped in his truck as he normally does. Yet instead of heading home, Osborne hopped on Great Seneca Highway and took off towards Five Guys.

Despite feeling drained from a tough practice, and knowing he had an evening’s worth of homework looming, Osborne was very enthusiastic to stop by Five Guys. The restaurant was hosting a Northwest fundraiser, with 20% of the proceeds going towards prom.

“It’s good food for a good cause!” Osborne declared. “I want prom to be good, so I am happy to help in any way I can.”

Prom is an exciting opportunity for students to create long-lasting high school memories. Northwest students look forward to it all year. As it approaches, the hallways buzz with excitement as students plan their outfits, find dates, coordinate with friends, make dinner reservations, and solidify their plans. While these smaller details help make prom so compelling, the primary focus of the night is the dance itself. Hosting a successful dance takes a great deal of fundraising. Now, with prom just around the corner, many students like Osborne are happy to contribute. 

“The Five Guys fundraiser went well, we got a lot of people to show up and raised a good amount of money towards prom,” said Ana Del Roio, a senior class officer. “This was one of four fundraisers that we have scheduled for the winter and spring.”

When asked what the SGA and class office are doing to raise student participation in fundraising, Del Roio stated that students are naturally happy to contribute. “Students are typically pretty enthusiastic about raising money for prom since they want our prom to be as great as it can be!” Del Roio said.

This sentiment that students are excited to contribute to prom fundraising has been confirmed by many students, but especially seniors who know their time in high school is coming to an end. Jake Forman, a senior, voiced his eagerness to help. “I have been looking forward to prom all year!” Forman exclaimed. “It’s one of the most important things a senior can experience, and I am looking forward to contributing to ensure it’s the best prom it can possibly be.” 

Students wishing to participate in a fundraising event will have two more opportunities before prom. Berries and Bowls will be hosting a fundraiser on March 29, and Noodles & Company will host one on April 19.