The JagWire Started a YouTube Channel!


Thumbnail of the JagWire’s first video.

As the Northwest JagWire works to revive itself and become a staple of the Northwest community, the editors and staff have been brainstorming new ideas to gain attention and connect with a younger teenage audience. We want to make an impact by informing the students of local and school news but also entertaining them with funny and original content about our school. 

And one of our ideas has just come to life: We started a YouTube channel! 

With this channel, we hope to spread our impact even further to a social media site that everyone loves. It allows us to make videos and not just write about a story but show it as well. The JagWire staff is very excited about this new opportunity, especially Angie Chenoweth who said, “I’m pumped!” 

Our first video is about the Jags’ Northwest Resolutions, and it is up for viewing now! 

In the future, we have a lot of new ideas for our channel like public interviews, Jag Table Talks (inspired by Red Table Talks), Are You Smarter than a Freshie?, and more!

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