AP Exam Fees Are Due!

Samia Nadeem, Editor-in-Chief

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Attention all Jags enrolled in one or more AP classes: AP exam payments are due by Wednesday, November 6th. You must deposit $40 for each exam you’re taking by the deadline, and you can pay online here. If you don’t pay online, you can bring cash or a check to the business office located on the third floor. If you have questions or need a reduction on the fee, you can contact one of our AP exam coordinators (Ms. Amy Mason [email protected] or Ms. Autumn Myers [email protected]).

Taking the AP exam in May is incredibly important for students at Northwest High School. If you score well on the AP exam, you can acquire college credit and be enrolled in advanced placement in college. Passing the AP exam shows that you fully understand what you’ve learned here at Northwest. AP classes help you pave your way into college and a brighter future.

So, Jags, let your hard work pay off and be sure to pay for your AP exams!