The Media Center Prepares for Spooky Season!


A display in the media center decorated with Halloween decorations.

Marwa Barakat, Editor-In-Chief

Following the trends, the media center redecorates its main book display every few weeks. Sometimes, they decorate it based on the season, other times based on holidays. Now, the display is covered in spiderwebs, ghosts, and frightening books to celebrate October and spooky season. As the weather gets chillier, and the days get shorter, the media center has decorated to encourage students to read more. 

The media center buys its decorations in bulk from the support of the PTSA. They have a student aid help redecorate their display every few weeks. She draws the matching pictures in chalk and keeps the display festive for each season. According to the media specialist, Autumn Myers, “Next week [the student aid] is gonna take this down and do something about being thankful.”

To see this beautiful display and the new upcoming ones, be sure to visit the Media Center!