Soham Sen

The fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are all greatly intriguing to millions around the world. Looking at the United States, the development in infrastructure for STEM subjects is a imminent possibility. Creating an interest for these fields in our school systems is critical. The X-Stem Club at Northwest High School takes strides in creating this needed interest. By spreading the enthusiasm for science seen in the leadership group of the club itself, kids from both Northwest and Kingsview Middle School are actively engaging themselves in a variety of experiments and tests that help them further their knowledge. The leadership team is composed of five upper class men. Ryan Briscoe, a junior, is the president. His first Vice President is a senior, Soham Sen while the second Vice President is a junior, Sahaj Shah, the secretary is Ben Dressman, and rounding out the team is the historian, Rana Singh, a senior. This team takes the initiative to create this needed interest in STEM. By introducing new technologies, experiments, labs, and other interactive lessons to the members of KMS, they introduce new topics that interest the students greatly. Experiments ranging from a penny lab helping kids learn about the tensile strength of everyday objects to learning about DNA from a strawberry, the club knows how to interest middle school teens. By rooting an ambition to explore these fields, the club opens up possible career avenues for many students in the county. By constantly interacting with students throughout the 2016-2017 school year, they set up a precedent for future Northwest High School students to take the same initiate to spread a positive reinforcement behind being a nerd.