Ankeet Patel

The start of 2017 in the month of January has seen a new form of memes on the table. These memes include Saltbae, Donald Trump, and Italian memes. Saltbae emerged from an Instagram video posted on January 7, 2017 when he sprinkled salt on a steak in the form an awkward form and viewers of the post dubbed him saltbae from there on. Saltbae also known as Nusret Gökçe, has since then kept his public image with more and more Instagram videos of salting different forms of food that himself made. Another meme that has appeared in the public eye is Donald Trump executive order, where people have photo shopped over the paperwork and wrote hilarious texts. Because Donald Trump is just a giant meme himself, people have increased the amount of hilarity that can come from him buy ten fold. Things like him banning anime, labeling drawings that a child would make or being outright ridiculous. The final meme to emerge from January from this year are the Italian memes which poke fun at how Italian things and people are different from normal human beings. One sub type for this meme would be how Italian people’s blood is made from spaghetti sauce. Another sub type would be how the Italian navy are pool floaties or a pizza in the water.