Cell Phone Use in School

Sydney Glad

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We now enter the second semester of our 2016-2017 school year and although this year we have been allowed to use our “Pocket internet devices” in between classes, the service has been horrid. In the past our phones would be confiscated and we were scolded at sight. Finally staff would ignore our posture deteriorating as our necks become sore and we become blind to those in front of us.We won the war, but lost the battle.

The handiness of cell phone use would benefit more if it wasn’t half assed and we could fully use our phones. As we entered the school, my wifi connection was shot and my many apps that i typically used would struggle to load and refuse to send “selfies.” Due to this travesty, the data we all want to save has been sacrificed to drain not only our battery life, but storage as well. We lost a valuable resource for researching information for assignments.Teachers have shared our dislike for the new rules, the only upside to it is students have become more engaged in school and less likely to look at their phones. Also we have become less dependent on our phones and rely on our studies and pay attention to what we learn in class rather than what’s researched on.

The use of cell phones although has decreased due to the horrible connection and lack of service, we now can rely on our own memory and studies rather than on facts we learn to be false even though it makes it easier to connect with those around us.

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