TV Show Review: Are You The One

Alexa Halem

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In the MTV show Are You the One twenty singles are brought together in Kauai To find their “Perfect match”. The show is a mix of tv drama and 22 people searching for a chance at love. The show is a game where there are 11 girls and 11 boys who compete in competitions to try and win a date with who they think their perfect match is. The producers of the show interview hundreds of 20 year old who seem applicable to be on the show. You only have a chance of being on the show if you have failed at love previously and feel this is your last hope. I look forward to watching AYTO every Wednesday night because it’s a break from all my work. I 10/10 recommend watching this show if you are interested in cheesy reality tv drama because you will get hooked instantly. Last year I was watching the show and my friend eddy was over and had never seen= the show and after 20 minutes he was obsessed with the show and kept watching the season.