High Movie Prices are Causing Us to Go Broke

Kim Roberts

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Everyone can agree that the ticket prices for movies are too high and causing us to waste our money. Tickets prices for all ages linger around $10.00. A child is able to see a movie for the price of $9.68 and an adult is able to see a movie for $10.49. That may seem like a lot but the price for an adult ticket goes up in the evening. An adult movie ticket in the evening costs $13.16. That is way too much to spending to sit in a theater for 2 hours. And that costs continue to add up when you want something to eat during the movie. The people that want to see movies every weekend are wasting their money to watch a movie that they may not even like. I am movie addict and I love to watch movies in theaters so I don’t have to wait until they come on DVD. But lately I haven’t been able to go because they cost too much and I need to save my money for important things.

If ticket prices continue to be this high then people are going to stop going to the movies. I believe that theaters should lower prices since so many people are watching movies and if they do then they might get more people coming to the movies. Iyanu Ajibade says, “they could bring the price down a little bit because I don’t have that kind of money.” People are realizing that the prices are too high for them to keep spending their money and they need to save that money for more important things. Even though people want to see movies they would rather spend their money on something that will benefit them and be useful. Tricia Henry thinks, “they could make the kids price a little lower because 9.68 is crazy.” You shouldn’t have to pay that much for a kid when they might not even pay attention or remember the movie. That is just having people waste their money. I don’t know about everyone else but if the prices continue to go up then I won’t continue to go to the movies.