Music Review: “Royalty” By Chris Brown

Hassti Hamidi

Chris Brown’s most recent R&B/pop album “royalty” was a huge hit. I truly enjoyed all the different rhythms in each song. Each was different and contained different meanings. They can be categorized in many different ways. He had some vibey and chill songs such as “liquor” which was a more slow song. But there were all so faster and more upbeat, dancing songs such as “zero” and “anyway” .Personally tho my favorites were the medium paced songs such as “little bit” a love song, and “little more” his hit “little more” is a song that touched the hearts of many including mine. It was dedicated to his daughter “royalty” who was also the inspiration for the album. I recommend this album for anyone 15-30 because there are some inappropriate meanings and phrases in certain songs which may not be appropriate for younger ages. If you enjoy this album you will also most likely enjoy artists such as Trey songz and Jason Derulo, which are in the same genre as him and also make very good and catchy music.