Music Review: California Sunrise by Jon Pardi

Michael Yuille

Through my multiple years of listening to country music and in depth listening of multiple generations of music I believe I have found the album that will go down in one of the best in history. Since, the release of California Sunrise by Jon Pardi this album has electrified the radios with the classic feel to country music with a hint of modern day sound. With this being Padi’s sophomore record he sure seems to have things figured out at an early stage. With lots of listening I have only seen this type of success this early in artists is people like George Strait and Kenny Chesney, some of the most successful artists of all time. Head over Boots took over the radio as Pardi’s first single from the album making it his first number one single and earning many other awards. The album is currently on its second single with Dirt on My Boots making its way up the charts still. Pardi brings the kick back to country music that true fans have been looking for. I would expect this album to generate up to possibly five certified gold singles. It sounds like a crazy statement but the country music society has taken to Pardi’s ways and want more and he has plenty to offer. I have found albums in the past years that have this type of esk to them but the only ones I have seen that I can compare it to is albums like Chief by Eric Church and No Fences by Garth Brooks. I would honestly give this album a 4.5 and that is being harsh because I don’t like giving 5s to any albums but this has the potential. This album fits any gender and age that love country music, it is a must listen for the country fans. I can’t wait to see where this album ends up at at the end of its campaign.