Movie Review: Frozen

Kona Sinor

Frozen is a Disney movie and it’s about two sisters, who spend most of their life apart. When one sister show her powers to the whole kingdom. Everyone gets scared and the sister runs off. While the other sister goes to find her and gets a happy ending.

This movie is PG and for both genders. Perfect to watch with the whole family. It has songs, magic, love, comedy, and a talking snowman. In my opinion I give this ⅘ stars because like all movies there is always problems. They didn’t explained everything and will lead to questions you want answer.  There was one scene in movie, where a little boy saw the sisters. When he got older and saw one of the sisters again. There was no reaction or questions from him. He was acting like he never saw her. The movie felt fast for me. One goal go find the sister. That was it. Everytime we see the sister with powers. She is singing, being afraid or walking. That’s the only things she does to pass time. While the other sister is smiling, talking, or getting into trouble. There is other problems. I can’t remember. Other then the problems, it’s still a great movie and you should give it a try. I love the songs, characters, and plot.