Movie Review: “A Girl like Her”

Jamie Pincus

The movie “A Girl like Her” starring Hunter King, Lexi Ainsworth, Jimmy Bennett, is a sad movie centered around high school life. Jessica burns is bullied by the “queen” of the school, Avery Keller, also her ex best friend. The movie begins with Jessica trying to commit suicide because she could not take all the bullying anymore, and then reveals the story behind the suicide. Jessica’s best friend insisted her wear a secret camera to capture the moments of her bully in action. Avery and her friends continuously harass Jessica for no reason every day, first starting off with mean comments and texts messages, eventually advancing to physical violence. Jessica’s friend shows the video and people begin to realize that maybe Avery is not so great of a person. They investigate her own life and realize she has been having some problems of her own. Eventually, Avery realizes she was in the wrong and posts an apology to Jessica online although she still remains in a coma. The movie is a very heartfelt experience. It will make everyone who watches it understand the true struggles of high school bullying and how although you may not think your words hurt, they might actually be ruining someone’s life. I would highly recommend this movie as it may prevent a lot of bullying for future students.