Book Review: Inkheart

Amira S. Balala

Inkheart is a fantastic trilogy written by Cornelia Funke. This trilogy is recommended for ages 11 and up for mortal danger and incredibly wicked villainy. I gave this book a 4 ½ stars review because, even though it’s a very enthralling and unusual, it goes at a leisurely pace and has a little bit of repetition; some people might be put off by it.  I recommend this trilogy for both boys and girls.

A Brief Synopsis.

Meggie lives with her father Mo who is a book binder and travels a lot with his daughter to bind books in need all over the country. Meggie shares her father’s love of books, but her father has never read aloud to her before. One night, Meggie’s life is turned upside down when Dustfinger, a man from Mo’s past, turns up on their doorstep. Suddenly, they are fleeing their home to Meggie’s long lost aunt Elinor, from a man named Capricorn who wants Mo’s voice for the power it possesses. Betrayed by Dustfinger, the three of them are captured by Capricorn and Mo finally explains the power of his voice. He claims to be able to read things out of books with his words alone. But this power is also a curse, whatever comes out of the book, is replaced by something from this world. That is how Mo lost Meggie’s  mother and Mo vowed never to read aloud again.

If you like magic, evil masterminds, travel and adventure, you will find all of them in this fantastic trilogy: Inkheart.