The 100’s Ricky Whittle Bullied into Leaving the Show

Kennedi Wickham

Ricky Whittles character, Lincoln, was killed off of The 100 after the creator Jason Rothenberg bullies him off the series. During an interview with AfterBuzz TV, Whittle makes it clear that his death was not supposed to happen in season 3. In actuality, he was forced to move on after being “professionally bullied…[cut] out of all the story line… and [Lincoln being made] as insignificant as possible.” He mentions after deciding to leave, he moved on to acting in “the series American Gods on Starz” and the tv series was forced to write off the beloved character.

Other producers of the show also took notice of the rift between Jason and Whittle. Whittle recalls when he approached a producer to understand why his “screen time was cut” they replied, “I don’t know what his problems are with you.” No matter how hard Whittle tried to seek answers through “phone calls and emails” but his attempts were ignored.

Not many viewers of The 100 are happy with this occurrence. Specifically, The Warner Bros. took notice of the injustice Whittle went through during his time on The 100. They acted by giving him an audition for American Gods, reasoning that “[his] character was not being used at all.” Ricky Whittle also receives support from his fans that are distraught by his sudden scene cuts that ends in his character’s death.

Whittle acknowledges those who had to undergo heartbreaking ramifications of Lincoln’s death, killing off the romantic ‘ship between Lincoln and Octavia.

“I have to say props to all the fans who championed our cause and attached themselves to that ‘ship, because there was very little for them to work with.” It was just as hard for Ricky separate himself from this beloved character as it was for his fans to see Lincoln’s sacrificial death scene.

Due to Rothenberg becoming “immature” in his dealing with Whittle, Whittle says he “had to stand up for [himself]” and was “proud” when he did. However, he assures every one of his deep affections to the show.  “[Rothenberg] made me walk away from something I love. I love Lincoln. I love the show. I love that cast and crew”.

There has been no knowledge of Rothenberg responding to Whittle’s comments. Only stating that “Ricky Whittle is a talented actor” and his good wishes for Whittle “moving forward on American Gods.”