Harajuku Fashion

Lina Zeng

Harajuku Fashion is for people who love to dress up with any type of fashion and nobody would care. Harajuku has become world famous as Japan’s center of street fashion. This square mile area is jam-packed with boutiques, fashion malls and chains. Every single day of the year, tens of thousands of people go there to shop, hang out, and see what the latest trends are.In 1978, the Laforet fashion mall was opened. It quickly became Harajuku’s main attraction. Harajuku had now become the place for fashion businesses to be. It changed from being a place, into being a concept. Harajuku stood for energy, change, newness.This attracted young people curious about Western culture. People who like anime and want to dress up can go to harajuku and wear whatever they want and nobody would care Harajuku culture got its start during the postwar Allied occupation of Japan, when American soldiers and civilians lived in the area. Curious Japanese youths came to experience a different culture and browse the Western goods in local stores catering to the Americans. Eventually, fashion designers and their entourages settled in the area, calling themselves “the Harajuku tribe.” The movement got a boost when the 1964 Tokyo Olympics brought in waves of tourists and shops that catered to them.