Expressing Our Sense of Style is Important!

Beatriz Acevedo

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Have you ever thought about what it’d be like if

Northwest high school students had to wear uniforms?

That’s a thought that I definitely don’t like to think about.

Anyways, the reason this is being questioned is because

I think it’s very interesting to see everyone’s sense of style.

The different patterns, colors and textures are

very exciting to see. It is very important for kids to be

able to express their tastes and interests. Everyone in

the same outfit is just plain and boring, we would see

the same thing every day. “Students need to be able

to express themselves in color.” says a young high school

teen. We are going to school to get education, not to be proper.

We should be able to be ourselves and show off our interests.


It would be inconvenient for students to have to wear

the same thing everyday because what if they don’t even

like it? We all have our own style of dressing. Some girls don’t

like to wear skirts and show their skin. Another reason why

uniforms are not a good idea is because it is going against

our rights. We have the freedom to dress however we like

as long as it is appropriate. Having someone tell us how to

dress is not fair at all unless the students agree with the decision.

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Expressing Our Sense of Style is Important!