Meet Mr. Parks! (January 2020)

And the winner for ‘Staff Member of the Month’ is...


Here is Mr.Parks outside of his classroom smiling before his interview.

Daniel Giraldo, Morning Announcements Editor

Congratulations to our staff member of the month: Mr. Parks – one of our cherished history instructors at Northwest High School. We love all of our dedicated and resourceful teachers here at Northwest, so we must also consider all of these individuals as winners too since they make up our patriotic Northwest family. Anyway, Mr. Parks is probably best known by students and faculty for his impartiality and comedic role of making class as engaging as possible. As a former student, I must testify how a teacher like himself would fall into a frontrunner for this award.


So, who is Mr. Parks exactly?


Well, he is a high school history teacher in the departments of U.S World History and World History. In response to my first question, he promptly answered, “someone who likes history would enjoy my class, but anyone is welcome because I focus on preparing my students for their AP exams like no other and for life.” With Mr. Parks, one will be getting a reasonable and witty professor who knows a lot about history, with the bonus of retaining critical test-taking skills. 


Since elementary school, Mr. Parks has been “envious of [his] teachers who drank soda in class and could tell everyone what to do.” Later on in high school, he became more attached to the idea of teaching, especially when he said, “I had seven history teachers in high school because I loved and love history to this day.” He also mentioned how “[his] older brother taught history,” so how could he not follow his dreams of teaching with such inspirations?


Sure, he may be a teacher here at Northwest, but he is also a husband and father of two very special individuals in his life: his wife and two-year old son. Among his most memorable experiences, “the birth of [his] baby and wedding” take first place. A weekend consists of “spending time with family and watching sports at home,” according to him too.


Obviously Mr. Parks must have visited many countries if he teaches history, right? Correct. In fact, he has visited, “Poland, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Ireland.” Poland is also the county where his parents are from, who by the way, are close to Mr. Parks and even live with him and his wife and son. Because of the frigid weather, ice hockey is a favorite for Mr. Parks when it comes to sports and he does not fall short when showing support for his team, the Pittsburg Penguins. 


Some additional information would be that homecoming hallways is the favored event for Mr. Parks because of the “teamwork” and “fun atmosphere” displayed by the students. When it comes to life advice, Mr. Parks says, “Live life how you want, do not let others make you think differently of yourself, and follow your own path.”