March Madness

Mason Rosen

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It’s the third month of the new year, and you know what that means. The NCAA tournament. The tournament is a chance for sports fans to make a bracket and possibly win money if their bracket is good enough. The name “March Madness” is very explanatory. The craziness of every game has fans on the edge of their seats. Sports bars exploding in excitement or an unfortunate sigh.

During the first round of play, all 64 teams play in just two days. That’s 32 basketball games. 32 basketball games in two days. The excessive amount of games in such a small window of time is part of the excitement of March Madness. People posting on social media photos of their living rooms with their T.V on, maybe even two TV’s, and three or four laptops lined up on the coffee table, all with basketball games on. People who don’t have 8 devices to watch games looking at the scoreboard on the top of the screen anxiously, switching the channel over to another exciting basketball game.

When the final four comes around, most people’s chances of winning money are out the window. Now all they can do is just watch the games and have nothing to root for. Those who made a good enough bracket nervously watch the semi-final games. The final four is a big feat that not every team has the opportunity to play for, and when a team wins the game in the final four to go to the National Championship game, it’s nothing but exciting.

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