Winter Olympic Stats


Larissa Savitsky

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The 2018 Winter Olympics is being held in South Korea, Pyeongchang. The Olympics started on with the event, and is scheduled to end on with the event.

Recently since february 20,  the US has only received 12 medals, Germany is in the lead with 23 medals following Canada with 19. If you look at the US as a whole according to medals they aren’t ahead, although individually, some Olympic athletes have been doing extremely well. Sports illustrated pointed out that the U.S. has many finishes that were off the podium, since Monday the US has finished 24 times in fourth, fifth, or sixth place. Although they didn’t metal they still did extremely well. Out of the 21  that did metal did even better, there has been 8 gold metalistists, 7 silver, and 6 bronze.

Others have been falling short of their expectations, several were expected to take part in several events, but decided to drop out of a few.

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