Shaun White, Back on Top

Ellie Wilson

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After going home empty handed in Sochi after being the reigning champion in half pipe snowboarding for the past two Olympics, and suffering a devastating injury leaving him with 62 stitches in his face just months before the Olympic games Shaun White had something to prove this year.

At the Olympic qualifier Shaun scored a perfect 100 guaranteeing him a spot at the Pyongchang Olympics. In the Olympic qualifying round he came in first allowing him to go last in the finals, giving him a leg up on the competition.

Shaun’s first run score put him in first place, upon finishing he threw his helmet into the onlooking crowd. After falling on his second run he was trailing Ayumu Hirano by a little more than one point going into the final round. Ayumu Hirano then fell on his final round leaving Shaun only needing to beat his 2nd round score of 94.25.

Shaun scored a 97.75 on his final round launching himself into first by doing back to back 1440’s, when he got down the half pipe he celebrated his amazing run as he awaited his final score. When he heard he had won his third gold medal he burst into tears obviously overwhelmed by his amazing comeback story.


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