Northwest: On Track

Angelica Tyler

Track and field, or athletics as it is called in many countries, is the designation given to contests for men and women that involve running, jumping for height and distance, and throwing for distance using implements of standardized design. When competing track and field usually have these competitions called meets against other teams competing against other teams in each track event. Track events that runners usually compete are sprints like the 100, 200 and for long sprinters the 400 meters which is a lap around the entire track. Other events such as High Jump and Long Jump both involve jumping from the ground into a pit of sand (long jump) and or jumping in an arched form unto a soft platform over the bar (high jump). Hurdles another track event involves runners the jumper over the hurdle in length of the race which can a 100 meter race or even a 400 meter race.

Here at Northwest High School we do all those events and more. As a whole the northwest outdoor track team, indoor track team and even cross country are one the most athletic track teams in Montgomery County. A Lot of our State Champions such as Shyheem Wright, Leondra Correia, Cori Brown and Taylor Wright have graduated and yet still go here are very athletic track runners. Leondra, class of 2016 was a state champ in the 100 hurdles also was a team captain who showed amazing sportsmanship. One thing that Leondra learned in track in her years at northwest were “All the painful and hard work pays off in the end” from northwest track she made long lasting memories, made friends and knows the definition of good sportsmanship. Shyheem Wright also class of 2016 was also a state champion hurdler. As Shyheem says “The amount of dedication you put in shows your hard work” as of that he became one the best athletes in the state and achieved his goal. One thing that I have to say about these two amazing athletes is that it wouldn’t be possible without the positive and motivational northwest track coach, Robert Youngblood. Coach Youngblood has been the track coach for quite some time now at Northwest even we may fuss and complain as team about his strict ways we always know that it is for the best. He’s made our track teams every year as one big family every year. One thing that Youngblood has taught all as a team that “Sportsmanship is the key to success” also that “as long you’re dedicated you will succeed”. Track is not only a place to show your talents or getting in shape, it’s also a place where you make friends.