Meet Mr. Bolesta!

Taylor Cross, Morning Announcements Editor

Some of our Northwest students have been graced with Mr.Bolesta’s presence, but do we really know him? Well, the Jagwire is set on highlighting our staff members of the month, so you can find out interesting facts about the staff members we see every day!

Mr. Bolesta believes in hard work and it’s evident in every activity he takes part in. He started the rugby club, is the chapter advisor for the National English Honors Society, contributes to the Literary Magazine, teaches AP Lang, Honors English10, and Informative and Argumentative Speech (better known as debate), as well as coaching the official Northwest debate team.

In order to get to know our staff member of the month, Mr.Bolesta, we’d have to look back to the days where he himself was in the classroom. Mr.Bolesta was born in Silver Spring, Maryland and attended St. John’s College High School in Washington D.C. Once it was time to go to college, he attended Radford University for a single semester, Montgomery College for two years, and then finally the University of Maryland, where he achieved his Bachelors and Masters in Secondary Education and English Language Literature. His initial career plans had nothing teo do with teaching. In fact, he’d been working since the eighth grade, where he started bussing tables until he started his own construction and moving business during his senior year of high school. He continued to work at his own business for two to three years, then went on to be a sports writer for the Washington Wizards, creating articles for about the Wizard’s journey during the season and covered the Wizards as they were entering the playoffs. Once Mr. Bolesta had enough of that, he pulled up to Northwest High School to begin his journey as a teacher, admiring the diversity of our school and wanting to help students become better writers.

Mr.Bolesta enjoys many things, especially music. He’d describe his music tastes as liking everything except for country and techno, but if he’d have to pick his favorites, he’d say Death Metal and Hip Hop. Some of his favorite artists include, but aren’t limited to Biggie Smalls, Kevin Gates, Jay-Z, Caskey, Killswitch Engage and Lamb of God. He enjoys going to concerts, and the first one he went to was for Slayer during the eighth grade. Along with music, Mr.Bolesta enjoys getting tattoos (he has 17 to be exact), playing basketball, and reading. Another one of his hobbies include coaching the debate team; he enjoys putting in the work and “it’s exciting [for him] to watch students grow outside of a class setting.” 

Mr.Bolesta has enjoyed his journey teaching for four years, joking that he’s “lived long enough to become the villain.” But really he’s the opposite. Mr.Bolesta has a strong belief that “there’s no such thing as a C student; every student has the potential to do their best to succeed, only a teacher can hinder a student’s success by not believing in them,” which is not only heartwarming but makes him a reliable and understanding teacher and individual. “I [teach] because I wanted to be the person I needed growing up,” Mr.Bolesta expressed fondly.