Image via Montgomery County Public Schools

Image via Montgomery County Public Schools

Khalia Solomon, Reporter

Covid-19 has been affecting many individuals’ lives from the start. At first, residents residing in Montgomery county weren’t worried because there weren’t any known cases. That soon changed when the first known case of covid popped up. Montgomery county then started to monitor these cases closely. After this though, cases all over Maryland started to rise in numbers and before we knew it our Governor put into effect a 2 week school closure. As I mentioned previously our governor had put in a 2 week school closure but when the number of cases started to increase, not only in Montgomery County but all over Maryland, I knew we were in for far more than what we bargained for. 

Due to the extended closure of schools, parents and all started to raise questions about school? Montgomery county  resorted to online schooling. Montgomery county started by providing WiFi hotspots and Chromebooks to students in need. Soon after that contact between students and teachers started again. It was a new experience for students and teachers but they soon adapted to it. Many changes were made to the quarter so it’d be easier for students and teachers. Overall online schooling became the new way of life during quarantine.

Lastly, during this time it has been very stressful however, people have been using this time to find relaxing methods to help calm their minds. Many people have resorted to reading new books or cleaning up an area they hadn’t bothered to look at before. Some people also have taken to baking up sweet treats to eat, or by exercising to lose some weight for the summer season. Nonetheless there are many things that can be done to help calm your minds. Nonetheless, despite being in this quarantine instead of being stressed, you can use some of these methods to help you DE-stress.