Northwest’s New Year’s Resolutions

Northwest’s New Year's Resolutions

Taylor Cross, Morning Announcements Editor


Finally, after many months of exhaustion, 2019 is finally over and 2020 has just begun. For most, this means the time for creating and going through with New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions are made to set goals for yourself so you can better yourself for the new year. Some examples include, but aren’t limited to: exercising, being kind to yourself, and eating healthier. The Jagwire has asked Northwest Students what goals they’ve set for themselves to accomplish in the new year, and received a lot of responses! 

Some students were very excited to go through 2020 with a fresh start, expressing their hopes for the new year. Shalom Adewi, a junior, tiredly says he wants to achieve higher grades, along with Zephniah Williams. Then there were resolutions more lighthearted, such as senior Croix Coleman’s to “not curse at all.” 

Those who weren’t too eager about having a resolution usually expressed how much they disliked them since they hardly ever lasted. Ian Johnson, a sophomore, said “My New Years resolution is to not make anymore resolutions because they always fall through and they’re too hard to make.” Which can be true if you’re taking up a task that’s way bigger than you had expected, which isn’t always a good thing since it’s harder to quit or start habits cold turkey instead of taking it slow. 

No matter how grand or minuscule a resolution may be, they’re all valid and work towards bettering yourself, which is always a good thing to do. Even if we fail or falter with our personal goals, the effort is still there and should be something everyone is proud of. 

Even if making resolutions isn’t your thing, or you’re not sure which to pick, here’s a quiz that helps you find a resolution that’s perfect for you!