Meet Your Principal: Mr.D’Andrea

Taylor Cross, Morning Announcements Editor

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Many Northwest students and staff are aware of their Principal, but do we really know him outside of the Sunday evening message and his frequently updated twitter? The JagWire took it upon itself to interview Mr. D’Andrea and learn a little bit more about our principal. 

First things first, he knows about the “Jimmy D. Fan Account” on Instagram. The jig is up, boys. However, Mr. D’Andrea’s reaction was of the opposite you’d expect. He finds the account humorous, but doesn’t particularly like to be the center of attention. He appreciates the thought, but feels the attention should be centered on the abundance of talented staff and students that make up Northwest High School instead. 

Speaking of staff and students, Mr. D’Andrea has been working in Montgomery County for 13 years. Four years in Kingsview Middle School, five years as an assistant principal, and his fourth year in Northwest has come upon us. He loves the school and community, however becoming a principal wasn’t his initial plan. Mr. D’Andrea changed his major twice in college then decided to be a teacher. At first, he majored in engineering because of his love for science and math, in fact, our principal actually taught science in Washington, D.C for six years. Being a teacher has shaped him to be who he is today, he loves to teach and sometimes misses being able to help a student grow in an area, but loves being part of administration nonetheless. 

Every student is appreciated in our principal’s eyes; he attends a lot of events, such as games or band competitions and interacts with the students, finding it important that everyone feels like they’re part of the community. An event that’s impacted Mr. D’Andrea the most is graduation. It’s a culmination of all of his 13 years of hard work being involved with students and how all of it has brought them to shake his hand in a cap and gown. With this in mind, Mr. D’Andrea’s fourth year at Northwest is very special to him since it’s his first time being with a class, the class of 2020, for all four years that involve seeing them grow up and become the young men and women they are today.