Who Is Mrs. Abdelsalam?

Khalia Solomon, Reporter

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Mrs. Danielle Abdelsalam, a new Northwest administrator and a firm believer in giving back to the students is now apart of the Northwest High School faculty. Born and raised in Long Island, New York she attended Hicksville High School. Mrs. Abdelsalam always found herself to be lucky because from a young age she always knew that she wanted to work with kids. Starting out with baby sitting in her young teen years, then years later switching over to be an after school supervisor she realized then that teaching kids was truly her passion. 


After high school, her dream of being in the education business thrusted into motion. She attended NASA community college for a year and then switched over to Towson University. Mrs. A did go back to New York and there she taught for a little while in New York public schools. She then came back to Maryland and migrated to Montgomery County to settle down. In Maryland, she started out teaching at Germantown elementary school for one year, then switched over to Kingsview middle school for nine years, and Roberto middle school for three years. Mrs. Abdelsalam, a woman with a colorful background and leader in our Northwest community is always involved and is one for helping the students. Now at Northwest her advice to students coming to and fro is to know that “It’s okay to struggle, know it’s okay to ask for help, and know that this too shall pass.” Thank you Mrs. Abdelsalam for what you’ve done and from the JagWire welcome to Northwest High School.

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