A Heinous Crime Censored For All To See, But Why?

Matthew Brady

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On Friday, March 15th, a white nationalist gunned down 50 people and injured countless more at a mosque.

Reread that first headline and notice what your brain thinks when you read it. To most people, even most Europeans or people residing in countries outside of America, they would assume that this shooting happened in the so called Land of The Free and Home of The Brave.

That, surprisingly, isn’t the case. Let me fill in the blanks on that first sentence to make it more clear. On Friday, March 15th, an Australian white nationalist gunned down 50 people and injured 50 more at a mosque in New Zealand.

It’s a disgusting act, and what’s even more disgusting is that the shooter live streamed the attack on Facebook Live, a live streaming service that hasn’t done much to make it more appropriate and content restricted, so for many people this video was easy to find. Many people found this understandably disturbing and due to backlash Facebook issued that all news sites and other social media sites using the video have it taken down.

Reddit user u/anutensil started a thread about this over the weekend. Many people said while it was a good decision to take the video down, it shouldn’t be unviewable by those interested in it or those who can learn and experience from it. Most people have never been in a situation like this, and hopefully will never will, and this video can show people the true horrors of extremism in any belief or religion and the lengths people are willing to go to fulfill an ideology.

Though a stretch, and requiring parent consent, blurred versions or re-enactments taken from the video could be used as a training video for schools, religious buildings, or workspaces where shootings like these happen most often.

Videos like these could be shown to inspire change and open people’s eyes to the lack of gun reforms, mental health programs and the divide in our world due to a myriad of differing views, opinions, and beliefs on a lot of topics.

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