Hurricane Florence

Arina Ogeinko

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Hurricane Florence is a Hurricane that is currently barreling through the Carolinas. At first it was rated as a category four hurricane, but was eventually downgraded to a tropical storm cell. The hurricane, which was 400 miles in width, caused the evacuation of over one million North and South Carolina residents.


Some of the Northwest student traveled to North Carolina unfortunately just as the Hurricane struck, they say that Hurricane Florence was “Unlike anything we’ve ever seen, it was absolutely destructive on a massive scale.”

And it’s a really hard time for people who live in the Carolines. CBS News says, at least 32 people have died in storm-related incidents 25 in North Carolina, 6 in South Carolina and 1 in Virginia. A half of million buildings are without any power. “Wilmington was also the site of the first deaths of the hurricane. High winds knocked over a tree that fell on a home, killing a 41-year-old woman and her 7-month-old son.”


A lot of people decided to stay at their houses because they thought that everything will calm down. According to The Washington post, “A lot of people did stay because the storm went down from a Category 4 to a Category 2, and they think of that number as being the end all,” county public information officer Amber Parker said.


This hurricane have changed a lot of people’s lives in almost a month. No one expected that and now some people even don’t have their own places to live, they live in shelters. We all should appreciate our lives, no matter what.

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