Hurricane Florence: The Aftermath

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Over time, the US has seen some pretty major and devastating hurricanes. Perhaps the most famous of them was hurricane Katrina, which struck New Orleans in 2005. There was also hurricane Sandy, which devastated much of the New Jersey and New York coast. And just last year, there was hurricane Irma which ripped Florida apart, and of course, the massive hurricane Harvey in Texas. These storms were all very powerful and devastating to the areas they affected, and now, we can add hurricane Florence to that list.

Over the weekend, hurricane Florence slammed the Carolinas. The storm brought trillions of gallons of rain, along with close to 100 mph winds with storm surges of close to 10 feet. Large parts of the Carolinas are still underwater, and rivers are still rising.

Hurricane Florence has left 37 dead, 27 in North Carolina, 8 in South Carolina, and 2 in Virginia. It has also left 343,000 people in North Carolina without power. The total cost of the damage is estimated to be between $17 billion or $22 billion.

Additionally, the hurricane has had a large impact on the farming industry. At least 1.7 million chickens have died due to the storm. The flooding also caused thousands of animal waste lagoons to overfill, spilling large quantities of animal feces. This could be a huge problem, as runoff from the lagoons can enter rivers and contaminate them.

This has been one of the most devastating storms in recent history. It has left thousands without homes, even more without power, and millions of animals dead. It has also left the carolinas underwater




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