After 12 Years Of School, Seniors Prepare For The Rest Of Their Lives.

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Nina Khoshkish

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Every student experiences their senior year in different ways. While some kids develop “senioritis”, a term used to describe the lack of energy and motivation throughout one’s senior year, other kids work their absolute hardest to make their last year their best year.


But change in work ethics aren’t the only difference among seniors; emotions play a big role in the transition to adulthood as well.


When Thomas Markey, 17, was asked about how he felt about his last year, he had mixed emotions.


“Sad and a bit nervous to leave home, but excited to take on the world and step further outside my comfort zone,” said Markey.


Matthew Brady, 18, used the term “bittersweet.”

“By leaving high school, I feel like I’m leaving part of my family. There are people I’ve known since kindergarten and have seen everyday, who I may not see for the rest of my life,” said Brady.


Matthew Dahan, 17, said, “there are so many responsibilities out in the real world that I feel vulnerable to. I always figured I had time to prepare myself, and now our last day is in eight months. It went by way faster than I would’ve liked it to.”


The same could be said for many seniors that were interviewed this week. Many were excited for the independence and new experiences ahead, however at the same time many would miss the familiar high school atmosphere.


“Going out into a different world is a scary thought for sure. Despite all the great opportunities ahead, I’ll miss the comfort of being a kid,” Serena Handa, 17, said.


Some seniors like Sachi Gupte, 17, don’t have mixed emotions at all.


“I’m ready to graduate and get on with my life,” Gupte said. “I don’t want to dwell on high school, we have our whole lives ahead of us, I’m ready for it.”

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