School life: Like or Dislike?

Arina Ogienko

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Back to school is a time when our summer freedom is over. Now students have to act like an adult sometimes: wake up at 6.40, make yourself a breakfast, be under the control of school’s rules. Everything is so different after almost three months of break.

On the first day of school everyone is  so excited to see friends,favorite teachers and to have a first lunch at school. But even on the second day everything becomes a routine. Students hate waking up early, get annoyed by people around and almost every period seems like a decade.

But is everything so bad? Of course not! You will feel more comfortable and your anxiety will be gone, if you will look at everything from another side.

First of all, you have to understand that your school grades are your future. You, basically, go to school for your entire future. Good grades =successful you. So, you should accept that.

School can give you real friends who can stay with you for your whole life and this is probably the best part of being a student.

If you go to public school, you get free knowledge and this is amazing. When you are in  at college you will have to pay a lot.

Another good thing about school is holidays. Enjoy it until you are an adult who works the whole year.

School life is the most carefree time in your life, do not waste it. We all have bad moods, we all do not want to wake up early but the benefit is that you still can have your childish life, because school gives you this opportunity.

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