Every 15 Minutes

Nhaya Vaidya

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It is a sad fact, but about every 15 minutes a teenager dies from a result of a drinking and driving accident.

Every two years, Northwest HS participates in the program which takes place over two days to discourage drinking and driving.

On the first day death bells ring out across school every 15 min and a student is taken out of class. They come back with face paint and a shirt to convey that they are now “dead.” The students are not to talk for the rest of the day.

In many classes the students continued to talk during the bells instead of observing a moment of silence. Only in one of my classes did the teacher stop class to stay silent.

The entirety of the junior and senior classes went out during fourth period to observe the crash. The ordeal took about 40 minutes. Some students watched the crash intently but most just socialized.

On the second day there was an assembly that the seniors attended and the rest of the school watched. It was run by the happiness project. Videos were shown from a girl who had died from a drunk driving accident and a student made video depicting Northwest students who were in the prior days car crash. After the videos were shown the students in the “car crash” spoke out about their experience. They hoped that their friends and fellow peers would take it seriously and truly make good decisions at prom.

At the conclusion of the assembly bright yellow shirts were given out courtesy of the happiness project. They had a drawing from Hailey, the girl who passed away, and her name on the back along with the other 2 people in the car who died as well.

It is hoped that this program will encourage students to make more sensible decisions and not to drink and drive.

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