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Carolina Aparicio-Felix had a wonderful presentation bringing awareness to the true nature of sharks and how some of them are even endangered. “I’ve always had an interest [in sharks] since I was a young girl,” she said when asked why this was the topic she chose. “There was a moment in my life when I was afraid of them from shark movies but when I started watching Shark Week, I realized that they aren’t dangerous and even need our help. I want to be a part of that.” This outstanding presentation including research done during both her junior year and senior year of high school, which was a culmination of, “data and experiments on the topic to get a better idea of results,” but she admits that it was difficult to an extent because, “[it was] kinda hard to find participants for original research.” The one thing that Miss Felix wants everybody to take away is, “to be more lightened about the topic and respect sharks and come to a realization about them/know the truth and even help their cause.” Not only are sharks misunderstood in general because of media and movies such as Jaws, but there are some that are even endangered. Carolina wants awareness so that we can help them like we help many other endangered animals and make it so people don’t fear them as much as we do.

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