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Many Northwest students attended a Ulysees fair from April 26th-27th. At this event the members of the Ulysses program presented on a variety of different topics that covered an issue or topic of interest. In particular Asha Daryanani conveyed intriguing information about the topic of pheromones, a chemical substance produced and released into the environment by an animal, especially a mammal or an insect, affecting the behavior or physiology of others of its species. It got many in her audience to think about what their natural scent may be and how it affected others. So what is the big stink about Pheromones?

Humans have natural scents called pheromones which attract potential mates. People start to have pheromones the moment they start sweating and tearing up. However, as a baby, they do not have them but they do start fussing when they cannot smell their parents. In a recent study by Asha Daryani, a senior at Northwest, she did a study on the effect of pheromones on people. In her research and study, she concluded that a majority of the females were attracted to the scent of men’s cologne, meanwhile a majority of the males were attracted to the scent of a female’s perfume. Based on her observations, it was safe to say that socially speaking, opposites attract. Females look for a strong, musky scent that oozes possessiveness and masculinity. On the other hand, males seek a homey, comforting scent in females. Many people wonder if the smell of pheromones is good or bad? In actuality, it is all based on what a person’s looking for and what they are attracted to because technically speaking, all pheromones smell good but it is all based on genetics and the perception of what you like. Before anyone goes out on a rampage to change the scent of their pheromones, it is all just dependent on the genetic makeup so it cannot be necessarily changed. However, for women, birth control can help them become more pickier of what they want. For men, based on Asha’s study, she did not find any conclusions about what males could do.

After speaking with Asha and learning from her well educated portrayal of pheromones, curious ones realize the strong effect that your natural scent can have on others perceptions of you. Nevertheless, no matter what your natural scent is, whether it is floral, citrus, musky, warm, spicy, or woody, there is a person out there who is physiologically attracted to it.

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