How Sibling Shape Us?

Jemimah Joe

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Our siblings make us unique. The time length between you and your relationship. If you have a one or two year time gap, the relationship will be close. They can tell each other anything. Your siblings is your best friend in your life. They know you better than anybody else. Many students in northwest have at least one or more siblings in their life. Siblings will always be there for you. You will always have someone to count on. You will always have a problem with your sibling. But at the end of the day, they will always love you unconditionally. You will always be responsibility for them. You will learn many things from things. Sometimes you will take the blame for thing you haven’t done because you love them. Sibling shape you to become a kind independent and outgoing person. Siblings could also help with you communication skills. They give motivate you to do your best in life. Your siblings wouldn’t leave your side. Having a sibling wouldn’t leave your side, no matter how hard the situation is. The older siblings have the parent role in the family. The last one is always spoil. They get all the attention. We should be thankful to have siblings in your life.

Questions ?

1.How did you get your results for your project ?

She interview siblings at Northwest. She ask them question about their sibling’s relationship. She predict those answers from them.

  1. Who has a stronger siblings Brother/Brother or Sister/Sister.

Sister relationship could cause more conflict. Brittini said she fight more with her little sister than older.

  1. Why did you chose this topic ?

Brittini said it would be easy to research because she grew up with sisters in her life. She wanted to share her experience and information about siblings goals.

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How Sibling Shape Us?