Doodle for Google

Laura Sood and Amanda Pallini

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Twice every year Northwest High school’s Ulysses Signature Research Program hosts it’s Ulysses fair. At this fair students of the four year program get to showcase their talents through their completed project on a topic of their choice. When asked students say that the most influential aspect to what came in to choosing their topic was personal. Senior, Adam Goodman took the time to speak to me about his experience with the Ulysses program. I asked him about what influenced him in his topic choice and was surprised to find that it was from a real life experience, “the doodle for google competition”, rather than an parent. Obviously a project that took someone four years to complete would mean a lot to the creator. Goodman said that “it was important because a lot of people don’t like doodling they have a misinterpretation of it” and as a doodler, he “thought it’d be pretty cool to investigate it”.

Through the conclusion of his research, Goodman was shocked to find “some negative effects of doodling”. He provided information on a recent study that shows how “visual recall showed that doodlers did worse than non-doodlers”. He enjoyed conducting his research and was proud to be able to present his findings to many different groups. Although, Goodman said if he could do one thing differently, he would have given his subjects a longer time to memorize facts in his original research. Goodman would recommend that others take the opportunity to join the Ulysses Signature Research program at Northwest because everyone gets to “do something they’re passionate about” which is always an amazing opportunity.

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Doodle for Google