Assassins of the Seas: A Study of the Lionfish Movement

Nhaya Vaidya

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The students at the 2017 Ulysses fair had a wide range of topics. One of the most interesting being about lionfish, a rarely talked about fish but one that is becoming a large problem. Deanna Ewing was inspired to make lionfish her Ulysses project after taking an internship at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. “My sponsor was developing traps to catch the lionfish” she says. “I wanted to know why they were such a problem.” She learned that the fish can grow up to a few feet, eat up to half their body weight, and they are the number one invasive species to the United States. Lionfish will not harm humans unless provoked however their fins are poisonous. When asked why do you feel strongly about this topic, Deanna said “Most people are unaware of the problem that the fish are causing and I am annoyed when people do not pay attention to the big problem. Not enough people are helping with the problem.” Currently there are only two solutions to this problem,“Ingestion and making jewelry out of their fins. Other methods are biological.” In the future she hopes to “learn more solutions to the problem” and to major in oceanography, which is the movement of the ocean.

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Assassins of the Seas: A Study of the Lionfish Movement