Applying to College

Keemia Arshadi

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College applications are a very long process. Meaning if you are currently a junior, you should definitely start thinking of certain colleges that interest you. Once summer starts that’s when the whole college application begins to start as well. It’s a very stressful process and you need to think things thoroughly. Don’t think college apps only take a month; they take at least 4 months to fully finish. One thing you should start doing now so it can help you in advance is to start brainstorming what you want your college essays to be about. Personally, i had four different college essays and they were all about my personal life and situations that I have now overcome. Then think about what extracurricular activities you have been involved in as well as what types of community service you have done. Another thing college apps asks you is for your resume which has your cumulative and weighted GPA. Make sure your weighted is at least above a 3.5. Also they ask for your SAT or ACT scores so if your GPA doesn’t meet that specific college requirements maybe your SAT scores could so make sure to study!! Overall the college process may be miserable but in the end, receiving acceptance letters relieves all your stress.

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