Taylor Cross Wins Title Doing One of the Scariest Things in the World


Taylor Cross is a Northwest High School senior and an editor for the JagWire. She won top prize in the variety performance category in the Northwest Has Talent Show on January 10, 2020

Joshua Stubblefield, Reporter

This morning, The JagWire’s very own morning announcement editor is walking through the halls of Northwest High School as a champion.  Not only that, but she won that title doing one of the most terrifying things in the world…stand up comedy.

On Friday, January 10th, Cross competed in the Northwest Got Talent ShowThe talent show was held  in the auditorium. Cross performed a self written stand-up routine.

The Northwest senior is no stranger to making people laugh. She likes to crack jokes for her classmates and friends. She even recalls people telling her to become a comedian when she was as young as six years old.

Initially, Cross hadn’t decided to participate in the talent show.  Her friend and fellow senior Daniel Giraldo, encouraged her to do stand up comedy.

Writing her routine was the least of her worries.  She was able to write out an entire script in the span of one class period.

Cross has many comedic inspirations, including John Mulaney , Donald Glover, Josh Johnson, and Bo Burnham. One of her favorites of the three is Bo Burnham. She says of the comedian, “I find it interesting and entertaining with the way he uses music to portray his joke, which hasn’t really been done by many comedians”. Cross wouldn’t say she has a “comedic style” per se, but describes the main root of her comedy ranging from something relatable to completely outlandish  comments that invokes a hilarious reaction from her peers.

The routine she performed for the talent show, and won her the prize for the specialty category, showcased her youthful face and short stature and how those physical attributes have affected her life so far in the most bizarre or mundane ways.

Cross was asked about the potential of having a tough crowd before the show.  She said somewhat confidently,  “I think the audience will enjoy my performance”. On the off chance that the crowd didn’t laugh, she would have the strength to keep going. Thankfully, the Northwest senior was correct about the audience enjoying her show, so much so, that she went home a winner.